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Oakley 004060 04 Crosshair Brown Chrome OO4060 04

Oakley 004060-04 Crosshair

004060-04 CROSSHAIR



This flashback flows with fluid contours that put a fresh spin on a classic teardrop shape. Sculptural detailing lays down distinction in a durable frame of lightweight C-5™ alloy, and Crosshair® carries Unobtainium® components to keep a grip on comfort. This is how yesteryear hits the forefront of style, and the vintage flavour is seasoned with premium optical technologies.

Metal frames with teardrop lenses are time-honored designs. When we created Crosshair, we respected the classics but added more than a few modern innovations in performance, comfort and protection. We started off with C-5, an alloy of five metal compounds that team up to optimize durability while minimizing weight. Then we let our artists cut loose. The result is contemporary detailing that sets this frame apart while paying homage to iconic style.

A raked-back contour of 8.75 base lens curvature opens your peripheral view. With the patented innovations of High Definition Optics® (HDO®), that view is razor sharp – all the way across the lens contour. You can get optional Iridium® lens coatings that balance light transmission, and even our premium HDPolarised lenses are available for Crosshair. We make them with a process that achieves the world’s best polarised optics, and a look this original deserves no less.

All lenses are made of pure Plutonite® to filter out every harmful ray the skies throw down, including UVA, UVB and UVC. Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses are available for Crosshair. See your eye care professional about the prescription Range and premium options.


£ 144.00

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SUNGLASSES Oakley Oakley 004060 04 Crosshair Brown Chrome OO4060 04
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